M.S.S. in Hollywood

That's right, it's Sydney Pollack! So good he could actually be a body double for our man M.S.S. Our man in LA is already talking to his people.

(thanks to loyal reader Jay Dubin for the artwork)

Got a better idea? While we seriously doubt that's possible, we're willing to listen. Send us an email at editor@welovetheiraqiinformationminister.com with your suggestion and we may or may not ignore you. But play your cards right, and you might get an Associate Producer credit in "The Minister".

Check out our favorite reader suggestions below.

Reader Suggestions
We have a new #1 Replacement Guy! That's right, it's now Leonard Nimoy, suggested by loyal reader John Lachapelle. Honorable mention also goes to William Shatner (with a little makeup). In case the deal with Sydney falls apart, we'll now be giving Mr. Nimoy a call. Other top choices are listed in no particular order, though going by reader comments, we believe Alan Arkin, Dustin Hoffman, Rowan Atkinson, and F. Murray Abraham are all favorite choices.

Leonard Nimoy

William Shatner

Alan Arkin

Dustin Hoffman

Jerry Orbach

F. Murray Abraham

Marty Feldman

Roshan Seth

David Suchet

Michael Caine

Peter Sellers

Mr. Magoo

Ricky Gervais

Groucho Marx

Telly Savalas

Karl Malden

Woody Allen

John Lovitz

Homer Simpson

Dick Vitale

Rowan Atkinson

Bill Murray

Larry David

Jamie Farr

Herbert Lom

Eugene Levy

Jack Nicholson

Yogi Berra

Sam the Eagle

Robert DeNiro

Benny Hill

Ben Kingsley

John Cleese

Elmer Fudd

Abe Vigoda

Jack Klugman

Tony Shaloub

Christopher Walken

Elliot Gould


Sean Connery

Rodney Dangerfield

George Peppard

Shemp Howard

Mel Brooks

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