M.S.S. Throughout History - Reader Suggestions

Once again, these are just some of the excellent suggestions we've received (and we're still valiantly trying to look through a thousand unread emails), so just because you don't see your submission doesn't mean it wasn't funny (maybe).

-- Newest additions --

M.S.S. at Iwo Jima

-- Wesley Haworth

-- Alan Cochrane

M.S.S. at the Cherry Tree


M.S.S. at Trenton


-- Roy MacLellan

M.S.S. at Hastings

-- Robin

M.S.S. at Noah's Ark

-- John Pruitt

"Heil Hitler!!! The British RAF are now defeated! We have blown them out of the sky! We have bombed their airfields to destruction! Their few remaining aircraft have flown to Scotland! The slow, poorly designed Spitfire was no match for the superb agile ME109! Do not believe a word of the rhetoric from the Infidels at the BBC! They are Liars! We tell you the truth! Our Special Forces have captured Winston Churchill, and we will smoke cigars in his face until he surrenders! Yes, you will all surrender! Your roast beef will rot and burn in your English stomachs! From now on, you will eat only Bratwurst! Heil the Third Reich! Heil Hitler!!!"
-- Steve Godden

M.S.S. at the Garden of Eden

-- Ian Argent

M.S.S. at the French Revolution

-- Celio and Edgar Barreto

-- Howie

-- Molly Landers

-- Frank D.

-- Scott Gibson

"This, Allah be praised, has been a resounding victory! The Cossack infidels
have been totally slaughtered! Many of them fled into the path of their
own guns! Their guns are now all captured and will be melted down to make
medals for Lord Cardigan’s glorious 600 men who have all returned safely!
There has not been a single English casualty! Never! And the horses are all safe as well"

-- Steve Godden

-- D.R.C.

-- Jason Rabel

-- Joachim Schmid

-- J

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